Bella Luna Farms

I had the honor of doing bridal hair for Smita and her wedding party at the end of the Summer, with my partner in crime, Jamyrlyn Mallory.The wedding took place at the beautiful Bella Luna Farms. It’s a one-of-a-kind property set in a fairy tale-like setting among towering evergreens, with an inspiring circuit of gardens, ponds, pasture and European-inspired buildings creating an atmosphere for romance. A…

Candy Clown

This work of art is brought to you by the mind of Chrissie White and Angel Dorr. They come up with some pretty neat ideas. Photos by  Chrissie White Makeup by Angel Dorr Hair by Angalina


Married September 11, 2010 Photos by  Blissed Photography  Makeup by Ryann Brady Hair by Angalina

which goose

Photos by Chloe Scheffe makeup by Angel Dorr Hair Accessories  Which Goose Model Chrissie White Hair by Angalina

Shani and Anthony

Anthony and Shani Married September 16, 2010 Attention to detail: AMAZING Photos by Jagger Photography Venue Columbia Winery Best Wedding DJ ever Brian Waltz Makeup by Angel Dorr Hair by Angalina


Gina married June 26, 2010 Photos by John and Joseph Makeup by Heather Roddy Hair by Angalina

Britt and Justin

Married August 21, 2010 Photos by PAUL ISRAEL PHOTOGRAPHY Location of Wedding: Meadowbrook Farm Makeup by Makeup By Alysha Hair by Angalina

Brian and Mariella

Married September 4, 2010 Photos by KCB Photography Makeup by Ryann Brady Hair by Angalina

Seattle Bride

Emily, a bride I worked with last year made it in this years fall/winter Seattle Bride Magazine! Congratulations Emily!

look book